“An important date”

Every one has important dates in their lives. This is one for me…

This is my last day working as a microbiologist in New Zealand before heading off to Paris (via Scotland). 

It has been a week of sad farewells, morning teas, lunchs, office clearing etc etc.

At these functions, I have received a lot of eulogies. As I am still alive I will call them living eulogies. As is the nature of eulogies, they are quite flattering, not to mention a little embarrassing. (but they are quite pleasant nevertheless…)

This is also an important date because it marks the six month anniversary of this website. It has come along way since those first few weeks, when I would be putting in 2-3 hours a day work into it and getting 5 views! It is still far from the finished article however and I will spend the next six months developing the website, keeping it  as ever personable, informal and easy to read.

Yes, I will remember the 28th June as an important date, but no point in looking back. I have lots of personal and microbiological goals to achieve and look forward immensely to a new chapter of my life in Paris…


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