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9th May 2018: HPV Jab.

16th April 2018: C. Diff. Guidelines Discussion.

16th March 2018: Platypus milk!

14th February 2018: Drugs from dirt.

31st January 2018: Giardia Parasite.

10th January 2018: ‘Aussie’flu.

13th December 2017: Single Dose Oral Vaccine for Cholera.

21st November 2017: Mycoplasma bacteria.

7th November 2017: Breath test for malaria.

19th October 2017: Antimicrobial Resistance Threat.

27th September 2017: UK ‘eliminates measles’ for first time. 

16th September 2017: Every childhood vaccine in a single jab.

28th August 2017: Probiotic study.

11th August 2017: Improving treatment for infectious diseases.

29th July 2017: The end of the antibiotic course?

12th July 2017:  Shingles and Heart Attacks.

24th June 2017: New antibiotic for drug-resistant TB.

9th June 2017: Tackling infectious disease through proteins.

24th May 2017: Combating Influenza.

2nd May 2017: Gene editing for HIV.

19th April 2017: Phages to combat ‘superbugs’

3rd April 2017: Lung probe to prevent the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

15th March 2017: Cross-species virus transmission.

28th February 2017: WHO superbug list.

24th February 2017: Genetic mutations and antibiotic resistance.

11th February 2017: Possible MRSA solution.

27th January 2017: Gene stops bacteria mutating.

16th January 2017: Infection prevention procedures.

5th January 2017: Malaria vaccine ‘milestone’.

16th December 2016: Smartphone test for antimicrobial resistance.

7th December 2016: Carbapenem Resistance

26th November 2016: New viruses.

8th November 2016: Bat flu.

26th October 2016: C. Difficile risk.

19th October 2016: Devil Milk!

5th October 2016: Acellular Pertussis Vaccine.

21st September 2016:  Drug-resistant infections.

16th September 2016: Slow healing wounds.

3rd September 2016: Europe’s largest biomedical lab opens.

22nd August 2016: Polio-free Africa?

12th August 2016: McDonalds urged to ban antibiotics!

23rd July 2016: Chickens could protect against malaria!

9th July 2016: Programmable RNA vaccines.

5th July 2016: Fungal infection.

29th June 2016: Microbe monitoring.

17th June 2016: Yellow fever vaccine problem.

8th June 2016: Legionnaires’ disease incidence quadruples in US.

31st May 2016: A more precise influenza vaccine?

24th May 2016: Triclosan can disrupt needed gut bacteria.

11th May 2016: Zika virus ‘shrinks brains’ in tests.

27th April 2016: “Virus can cause brain damage in babies”

15th April 2016: Malaria resistance ‘unable to spread’.

2nd April 2016: Disease diagnosis in 30 minutes!

23rd March 2016: Dangerous disease risk prediction.

11th March 2016: Treatment for Legionnaires’ Disease?

29th February 2016: Zika, Ebola, – What next?

10th February 2016: Armpit bacteria.

25th January 2016: Zika virus update.

15th January 2016: Pediatric vaccines reduce bacterial meningitis in adults.

5th January 2016: Asthma linked to increased risk of shingles.

22nd December 2015: Colistin resistance in the UK.

16th December 2015: Flu vaccine strategy.

29th November 2015: Grant for antibacterial strategy.

18th November 2015: New antibiotics funding urged.

9th November 2015: Sleeping Sickness study claims success.

26th October 2015: Rapid tests ‘would cut antibiotic use’.

20th October 2015: Dried blood spots for HCV detection.

12th October 2015: A mathematical method to reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

1st October 2015: The key to stopping asthma?

23rd September 2015: Our ‘microbial clouds’!

10th September 2015: Modelling bug spread in hospitals.

1st September 2015: Cryptococcus research advances.

21st August 2015: Better understanding of the immune system.

13th August 2015: Hospital cleaning.

6th August 2015: Malaria vaccine.

25th July 2015: TB treatment possibility.

1st July 2015: Non-antibiotic treatments for UTIs.

17th June 2015: Natural Flu Protection.

8th June 2015: Test unravels history of infection.

29th May 2015: New chip test for antibiotic-resistant bacteria

21st May 2015: The perils of contact lenses!

11th May 2015: Drug-resistant typhoid.

7th May 2015: Fighting fire with fire!

27th April 2015: C.Diff infection prevention in hospitals.

17th April 2015: Can humans get norovirus from their dogs?

7th April 2015: UK Government ‘health warning’.

26th March 2015: Current concepts in MRSA.

20th March 2015: Rapid blood test to ‘cut antibiotic use’.

16th March 2015: Meningitis W

3rd March 2015: Measles shock!

19th February 2015: Using viruses to attack bacteria!

8th February 2015: Flu vaccine problem.

25th January 2015: Travellers spreading super-bugs!

16th January 2015: Potential “knock-out punch” for flu!

9th January 2015: New “game changing” antibiotics?

2nd January 2015: Whooping cough evolving fast!

23rd December 2014: Are malaria parasites hiding?

17th December 2014: Unnecessary antibiotics study

17th November 2014: H5N8 Bird Flu in Europe

14th November 2014: Predicting the spread of disease?

6th November 2014: Replacement for antibiotics?

4th November 2014: Breath test to detect fungal pneumonia.

29th October 2014: The virus that is being overlooked!

24th October 2014: Rapid Sepsis Diagnosis

17th October 2014: Breakthrough to help antibiotic design

14th October 2014: Ebola Outbreak



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