This is a website which is designed to be a resource site for people interested in microbiology, and in particular those who have or are pursuing a career in any aspect of microbiology, including bacteriology, mycology, virology and molecular biology. As I am a clinical microbiologist, there is somewhat of a focus on the clinical aspect of microbiology.

The pages and articles are designed to be personable and readable at the same time. I usually try and add a personal slant or come up with an original thought on each separate article.

I hope that you will find something of use to you within the website. It is early days yet. The website was started in December 2012, so it is still in its embryonic stages.

I have never been a details person so don’t be surprised if you find minor imperfections in this website. However if you find any major faults, or items/pages that are not accessible then please tell me so I can fix them.

I have set myself a six month target to build a fully functioning and useful microbiology website. Please follow me (and help me!) on this journey.





6 thoughts on “BACKGROUND

  1. Well done Michael, I will certainly follow the development. Although I work in the field of Infection Prevention & Control as a CNS, I got interested in Microbiology in a small way while undertaking my Masters in Infection Prevention & Control over the last 2 years as it was a core paper within the course

  2. Nice site. I work clinically as an NP in Occupational Health and the ED so I see alot of microorganisms. I also tutor in a college nursing program and some of your utorials are great for breaking down things like HIV and Hep. B biomarkers. Thanks.

    1. Many thanks Mariann, I am glad you find it useful. Will endeavour to keep putting useful and thought provoking articles onto it!

    1. Yes, I have been very busy and the website has had a low priority. I plan to do some more writing over the next few months

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