MCQs: Culture Media

Answer if the following statements on culture media are true or false.

1) Louis Pasteur was the first person to use solid culture media? T/F

2) On MacConkey Agar, non-lactose fermenting bacteria will use peptone as their energy source instead.? T/F

3) Streptococci grow well on Mannitol Salt Agar? T/F

4) Hektoen Agar picks up the production of Hydrogen Sulphide by Salmonella species.? T/F

5) Thayer-Martin Agar contains gentamicin,+ amongst other antibiotics? T/F

6) Amies Transport media contains high levels of carbon and nitrogen? T/F

7) The chocolate within chocolate agar provides the nutrients required for bacterial growth? T/F

8) Buffered Charcoal Yeast Extract media is a good media for the isolation of Corynebacterium diptheriae? T/F

9) Lactose Fermentors produce yellow colonies on CLED agar? T/F

10) Lowenstein-Jenson slopes contain penicillin? T/F

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