MCQs: Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) testing in the laboratory

Have a go at these 10 True/False MCQs, then click at the bottom for answers with brief explanations:

1) VZV IgM serology is a sensitive means of picking up acute infection? T/F

2) Most people who don’t have a clinical history of chickenpox have negative VZV IgG on laboratory testing? T/F

3) IgG seroconversion can more reliably be detected after VZV vaccination as opposed to natural infection? T/F

4) PCR can potentially be used to discriminate between vaccination and wild type strains of VZV? T/F

5) Cotton is a better material than polyester at picking up VZV virus? T/F

6) When the rash has crusted over, the PCR is ineffective at picking up VZV? T/F

7) PCR is an effective method of distinguishing between a chickenpox and a shingles rash? T/F

8) VZV Immunofluorescence is commonly used in laboratories to make the diagnosis of chickenpox? T/F

9) VZV is able to be cultured on cell lines? T/F

10) Electron microscopy can discriminate between VZV and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)? T/F


Click here for answers and short explanations


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