I hope to build up a decent selection of tutorials in due course, aimed at students revising for exams or more senior scientists wishing to revise over a topic.

I tend to teach by asking questions, so the format of these tutorials will be a few questions for you to mull over, followed by an answer and explanation page (with suggestions for further reading if necessary. You can then go back to the question page again to see if you have learnt the topic.

Each tutorial is intentionally short, about 15-20 minutes, in order to retain interest. I also enjoy asking questions which we really should know the answer to, but often overlook in the rush of our day to day jobs.


ABC of Anti-Microbials: Erythromycin

ABC of Anti-Microbials: Flucloxacillin

ABC of Antimicrobials: Gentamicin

ABC of Anti-Microbials: Metronidazole

Basic Cell Biology: part I

Carbapenems: Essential Facts

DNA: The chemistry of life

Hepatitis B: Serological Markers

HIV Replication

Maldi-TOF: The Basics

Penicillin: part I

Pseudomonas aeruginosa




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