“Confessions of a Microbiologist”

Personal reflections on a wide range of microbiology topics.. Click on the articles below to view.

“The Office Microbiologist”

“Something for the weekend”

“The Power of the Microbiology Report Comment”

Ssh… it’s a secret!

“Damage Limitation…”

“Know your Limits”

“Microbiology Committees: What works and what doesn’t.”

“The Dark Art of Serology”

“Pandering: Bending our Microbiological Principles”

“The Bunsen Burner:Keeping the flame burning in the Lab.”

“Dubious Reasons for Microbiological Sampling”

“The Smiling Executioner”

“Injecting Interest into Microbiology.”

“The Devil is in the (Clinical) details.”

“A fantastic response to a mediocre talk.”

“Taking Stock.”


“The downsides of a Microbiology Syllabus”

“Sending Samples into the Unknown..”

“Influenza Pandemic: Plan or Panic?”

“The Microbiology Interview: What are your Plans?”

“Microbiological Efficiency is Overrated.”

“Time makes Fools of us All”

“Professional Junk Mail”

“Eradicating Blame Culture in the Microbiology laboratory.”

“The Doors of Perception”

“Operators, Troubleshooters and Innovators”

“The Selfish Microbiologist…”

“The Comfortable Microbiologist”

“Do Cinical Microbiology Laboratories need their own Websites?”


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