MCQs: Bacterial Cell Structure Part I: Answers



1) Ribosomes are found in viruses? False

2) The main consituent of a Gram positive cell wall is Peptidoglycan? True

3) Bacterial cells have a large surface to volume ratio? True

4) The cell wall may be a potential target for antibiotics? True

5) The flagella allows substances in and out of the bacteria? False, flagella are used for motility.

6) A plasmid is contained within the bacterial chromosome? False, a plasmid is a piece of extra-chromosomal DNA.

7) The space between the cytoplasmic membrane and the outer membrane is called the periplasm? True

8) The outer membrane contains porins? True 

9) Bacteria are best measured in nanometers? False, generally best measured in micrometers

10) Pseudomonas bacteria have peritrichous flagellae? False, pseudomonas bacteria have polar flagellae.

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