MCQs:Clinically important anaerobes

Here are 10 True/False MCQs on clinically important anaerobes. Have a go at the questions and then click at the bottom for the answers with brief explanations.

1) Clostridium difficile infection responds well to intra-venous vancomycin? T/F

2) Propionibacterium acnes is a common cause of infections in prosthetic shoulder joints? T/F

3) Fusobacterium nucleatum is more pathogenic than Fusobacterium necrophorum? T/F

4) When Bacteroides fragilis is isolated from blood cultures, it often indicates intra-abdominal pathology? T/F

5) Lactobacillus is the dominant bacterium in a menstruating female? T/F

6) Actinomyces israelii is a facultative anaerobe? T/F

7) Prevotella species commonly produce beta-lactamase? T/F

8) Peptostreptococcus can occasionally be a contaminant in blood cultures. T/F

9) Veillonella is a Gram negative bacillus. T/F

10) If anaerobic culture is negative then anaerobic antibiotic cover can be discontinued? T/F


Click here for the answers and brief explanations.

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