Tutorial: MALDI-TOF: The Basics

The following is what I think you need to know about Maldi-TOF if you are working in a Clinical Microbiology Laboratory.

Try and answer the questions before clicking at the bottom of the page to view the answers.

1) What does MALDI-TOF stand for?

2) What is the purpose of adding a drop of FORMIC ACID to the sample?

3) What is the purpose of adding the MATRIX?

4) Outline on a step by step basis how Maldi-tof works?

5) Is MALDITOF better for Gram negative or Gram positive bacteria?

6) When might you need to perform a FULL EXTRACTION on the sample?

7) What organisms can MALDITOF mix up?

8) What are your options if MALDITOF fails to give an ID?

9) What test controls are required for the MALDITOF?

10) Why is thorough cleaning of the testing plate important?


 Click here to view the answers with short explanations.

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