MCQs: The Basic PCR Reaction

You need to be aware of the basic steps involved in a PCR reaction before attempting these questions.

1) Taq Polymerase is a commonly used DNA polymerase in a PCR Reaction? T/F

2) DNA melting involves disrupting the covalent bonds between complementary DNA sequences? T/F

3) Annealing of the primers occurs at the temperature of 60-65C? T/F

4) Primers generally consist of 200-300 nucleotides? T/F

5) In a PCR reaction, the DNA generated is itself used as a template for replication? T/F

6) Primers all have the same melting temperature? T/F

7) The melting temperature is the temperature at which the DNA disintegrates into it’s separate nucleotides? T/F

8) Urea may assist DNA denaturation? T/F

9) The extension step usually occurs at a lower temperature than the annealing step? T/F

10) PCR was invented by Sir Francis Crick? T/F


Click here to see the answers with short explanations

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