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Microbiology Picture Quiz Number 5

Have a look at this stain on a sputum sample and answer the questions below:


i) What type of stain is demonstrated?

ii) What is the initial dye used in such a stain called?, and what is used to “decolourise””this dye?

iii) What is the possible diagnosis?

iv) What other type of stain can be used to make the potential diagnosis?


Click here for the answers and brief explanations.


Microbiology Picture Quiz: Number 3

Note this question is only really applicable to people working in bacteriology departments.

This is a Staphyococcus aureus isolate from a patient presenting with cellulitis.

(The antibiotic disc on the left contains erythromycin and the antibiotic disc on the right contains clindamycin.)


1) What phenomenen is shown here?

2) What is the molecular basis of this phenomenen?

3) What bacterial species can this be present in?

4) What implications does this have for treatment of the patient?


Click here for the answers with brief explanations.