“Information at your fingertips”

400px-Sony_Xperia_Z1_front_viewWe have just put all our local hospital antibiotic guidelines onto a smartphone app. (Click here for details). This means that the junior doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists and any other interested party can all view the appropriate guideline within seconds on their smartphone. As far as I am aware, we are the first area in NZ to do this for anti-microbial guidelines.

Trust me, this is infinitely better than posters on walls, handbooks, ringbinders, key tags etc. It is also better than guidelines on a PC desktop, for which you need an accessible and available desktop, before having to log on and navigate your way to the correct area amongst the labyrinth of hospital guidelines. The app is  very easy to update (all you need is editing access) and is relatively inexpensive for the software purchase.

Junior doctors, who are the main users of such guidelines, are from the generation which primarily communicate and learn using smartphones. It therefore makes a lot of sense to put antimicrobial guidelines on to such apps.

Occasionally there is a dissenting voice in meetings etc., complaining that such a policy would not work as not everyone has smartphones.

I don’t buy this whatsoever….

If you don’t have a smartphone to view such info, then get one.  To take this further I would recommend that in future, employment contracts should specify that possession of a smartphone to view such information is expected and should not be the responsibility of the employer.

Changing times…


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