MDRO Screening: Part III: Remaining Objective

It is all too easy to start an MDRO screening programme and then let it wander along aimlessly. In contrast to plate reading in bacteriology where there is a lot of subjectivity and “feel” for the area, MDRO screening is an area which requires a lot of objectivity.

MDRO screening needs a lot of support work which should include the following objective measurements:

  •  Number of MDRO screens performed and from where.
  •  Number of MDRO isolates and MDRO rates as a percentage of total screens performed.
  •  Trend in MDRO rates in the form of Statistical Process Control Charts. (SPC)
  •  Cost of screening programme.
  •  Number of MDRO infections in the institution and the cost of the infections compared to the cost of the screening programme.

Close liaison between the laboratory and Infection Control and good data collection software are key in achieving this objectivity.

I will touch on “targeted screening” in the next part of this mini-series.

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