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“We don’t need no education…”” Part III

“We don’t need no education….” Part III

But we do need to learn…

Self-Directed Learning

In the final part of this mini-series here is a summary of my views on Self-Directed Learning.

1)      Learn in short bursts at a time of the day that suits you.

Personally I do any required learning in the morning as this is when I take most in. (Everyone is different in this regard.) I try and do 15-30 minutes active learning a day.

2)      Learn new things.

When I was at school coming up to exams, I remember seeing people carrying around “revision folders” These folders usually contained diligently taken notes which were revised over repeatedly. I am sure these pupils passed but what a dull way to learn! Don’t learn about things that you know already and instead learn something that you don’t know about.

3)      Learn things that interest you.

First and foremost try to further your knowledge in subjects/topics you are interested in. If you are just learning about something because you have to, it creates a very superficial and usually poorly remembered knowledge.

4)      Learn by teaching.

For me I find teaching the most powerful way to learn. Few things focus the mind more than if you have to then relay your knowledge to your peers.

5)      Don’t learn just to acquire CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

I think this is a poor reason for learning and I always worry slightly about people whose main reason for learning is in order to “tick boxes” such as this.

6)      Don’t stop learning.

If you are past the stage of doing exams, it can be easy to put your feet up and stop learning. Learning should not decrease after your “formal education” has finished.

In summary learning must be seen as an enjoyable experience, not a chore.