“Taking stock…”

The Microbiology Matters website has now been up and running for two months.

During February 2013 there were 1450 visitors (hits) to the website and 13,400 “page visits”. So definitely enough interest there to keep (me) going.

The plans I have for the website over the next few months are as follows:

  • Develop a “careers” sub-section on the site describing all the different forms of employment available within microbiology.
  • Start a weekly/fortnightly microbiology picture quiz.
  • Develop user-friendly tutorials on PCR and MALDI-TOF.
  • Add further guidelines and links.
  • Ask people with specialist knowledge in certain areas to contribute articles to the site.
  • Continue to promote the website amongst microbiology communities worldwide.
  • Continue optimising design and appearance of the site.
  • Consider getting sponsorship from microbiology companies for the website.

So just a few things to keep me busy…

I guess the first part of a project is always the easiest (That is when there is lots of enthusiasm). Now the focus is on developing something that is both sustainable on my part and maintains interest amongst viewers. Please feedback any other ideas you might have.

Thank you to all those who have visited the website so far!


2 thoughts on ““Taking stock…”

  1. Love your website Michael. You help us remember to stop and think more about what we are doing in our day to day routines. I would love to see a regular quiz and also to find out if there are any other avenues within the Micro world worth pursuing career wise. I assume you will continue to educate us once you are in France ??? and this fantastic site will not be discontinued.

    1. Hi Jo

      Thank you for the feedback. I plan on starting a picture quiz next week. With regards to a careers sub-section, that will take a bit of research and input from other people but will try and get this sub-section up and going at some point in the next month or so. Don’t worry, the website will continue in France also and I look forward to writing the articles whilst drinking coffee in the Parisian bistros! I might just have to decrease the frequency of posts a little during the transition period.


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