“Falling at the Last Hurdle.”

You may have a fantastic paperless processing system in your laboratory. You may have modern up to date technology and automated methods. You may even have low turnaround times and great QC results….

However if that urgent or important result is mistakenly phoned to the cleaner on the ward, then you have a problem.

"A laboratory telephone?"
“A laboratory telephone?”


In the digital age, audit trails within the laboratory are generally becoming very good. We can tell exactly who did what, when and why. However where there is still the potential to fall down is outwith the laboratory.

If a result is being phoned, it is critically important to find out who is on the other end of the phone, what their designation is (and whether they are suitable to receive the result), and then document this information.

Only with this information at hand, can the vertical audit trail be completed.

The cleaner may be good at getting rid of Clostridium difficile spores after the patient has moved on, but not so good at treating the infection……


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