“Silence is Golden…”


The Kiestra TLA system has now been in place for 3 months at my laboratory. A lot of the initial (and inevitable) teething problems have been sorted, routines have been established, and we can now start to fine tune the system to get the most out of it. The difficult period is coming to an end, and we can now start to enjoy the system.

One initiative that has started in the last couple of weeks is having a microbiology scientist in the laboratory overnight, thus forming a 24 hour roster.

The Kiestra TLA system lends itself to 24/7 put-up and reading. With an overnight shift in place, microbiology samples coming in from the hospital can be inoculated and cultured immediately on arrival in the laboratory, as opposed to having to wait until the following morning. The smart incubators also mean that plates will be imaged and be available for reading 24 hours a day, just so long as there is someone there to read them…

Our experience so far is that for the scientists on the “graveyard” shift, with none of the typical daytime distractions, can simply get their head down and “plough” through the reading lists.

Silence is golden!


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