“Messy and Clean”

(Apologies for the paucity of posts recently, has been difficult to find the time…)

Processing by the traditional way is a messy business – Not just literally, but metaphorically as well.

Think about it.

Numerous different tests, lots of different agars, enrichment broths and sub-culturing, different incubators, wet films(that is if you believe in them, I don’t), C. difficile testing algorithms (everyone does it different), parasite concentrates and stains, EIAs.

Lots of labour and bench space required, a large skill mix, and truckloads of QC.

The list goes on.

And all for tests, some of which are not actually that sensitive at diagnosing the pathogen…

It is thus no wonder that laboratories are so keen to adopt multiplexed molecular methods for enteric testing. One test, one person, one run, one set of results to interpret. In other words it is clean.

Molecular processing of enteric samples has been difficult for some labs to justify on the grounds of cost. However traditional methods have so many hidden costs associated with them. It is important to dig them all out for the business case.

In the home environment I am not a very tidy person, but I love a clean laboratory…



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