“Parallel Learning”

You have been working in the microbiology lab for a while, but despite being a hardworking and competent employee, you are unable to progress up the career ladder. What is wrong? What can you do about it?

I think the best way to approach this is not by processing more specimens in a day,  not by learning more microbiology,  not by attending more meetings…., but by learning more about how the laboratory works.

Ask yourself: Do I really know how the laboratory LIS works?, how does the courier system work?, how is the laboratory funded?, what business cases are in process within the laboratory?, how does staff recruitment work?, which companies does the laboratory work closely with? what are the current politics within the laboratory?

By learning all these types of things, amongst others, you start to learn how the laboratory operates and thus start to become noticed by, and useful to people at more of a governance/managerial level.

And if you have done all that, and still you have no luck, move on, but whatever you do, don’t burn your bridges. Microbiology is a small world!




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