“Are you a leader or a manager?”

Have a think about the colleagues that you work with. Who are the natural managers amongst them, and who are the natural leaders?

I always find the “natural” managers tend to occupy the more senior positions, whilst the leaders can be found throughout the organisation, at all levels and payscales. Maybe it is because as a society living in the late industrial age we recognise and acknowledge good management more than good leadership. I really don’t know.

Is it possible to be good at both? Contrary to what some web articles might say about these two “personality types” being mutually exclusive, I think it is possible to be strong in both areas. Often good managers are good leaders as well and vice versa.  I do believe however that people are almost always stronger in one area than the other. 

For clinical microbiology laboratories (amongst other organisations) to thrive, they need a good balance of both.

Is it possible to have too many managers and leaders in the workplace? Maybe, but I would rather have too many than too few…..

And myself? Well, I like to think I have some degree of leadership qualities, some ability to inspire, and have some vision of the future direction of the clinical microbiology laboratory and where I want to take it.

As for management, let’s not go there! I don’t have a managerial bone in my body. Never have had, and never will have…..

Have a think about yourself. Regardless of your position, do you see yourself as a manager, or are you a leader?

or are you a follower…?


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