“Swiss Cheese”

You might be wondering what has happened to the “Microbiology Matters” website over the past couple of weeks….

Some serious technical problems along with a failure of automated back-up have led to a loss of a lot of work, about a year to be exact! The holes in the Swiss Cheese were in perfect alignment.

There are bits and pieces backed up elsewhere so I will endeavour to re-insert some of these old posts and mix them with some new material as well over the next couple of months.

On the plus side I have learnt a lot more about website building over the past couple of weeks. Expect faster website upload in the near future along with a few new features.

Thank you for your patience, it is a sore one for sure. I am determined to get the website back on track, but it will take some time….


4 thoughts on ““Swiss Cheese”

  1. Bad luck Michael. Good luck with getting some of it back and I look forward to the return to regular posting. The posts always get me thinking, and I often learn something.

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