“The emailing microbiologist”

I have been making a conscious effort in the last few weeks to reduce the number of emails I write/type. 

In particular I have been:

  • Only checking my emails a few times each day.
  • Not sending emails to people within walking/shouting distance.
  • Giving  significant microbiological results by phone or by person instead of email.
  • Avoiding sending emails to multiple people (I have tried to restrict the number of recipients to a maximum of 3 for any one email)
  • Not getting caught up in microbiological/laboratory email debates. (Not only do these waste time, they rarely resolve anything or lead to any form of consensus.)

If anyone sends an email critical of the lab or its staff, including myself, then I immediately switch media and either pick up the phone or go and see the person to try and resolve the problem.

As a result my inbox is quieter and I have much more time to do other things. Email is very addictive and I am trying to wean myself off it somewhat…


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