“We all have our struggles….”

As I enter the last week of my current job I have been thinking about the people that I have been working with over the last seven years, the problems we have shared and the laughs we have had. It is difficult to conceive that I may not see some of these people ever again.

One group of people that I will remember for a long time is the colleagues who have suffered personal tragedy during this period. It amazes me how people recovering from such events can perform so well and professionally at their jobs.

Sometimes we get wrapped up so much in our own little world it is easy to forget that everyone has their struggles at one point or another. The really good laboratory team looks out for one another, looks after one another at difficult times, and believe and trust in one another. I have seen that in abundance in my current job.

The other group of colleagues I will remember long into the future are the ones who showed outstanding passion in microbiology. The people for whom coming to work in the morning is a pleasure, the ones who take a genuine interest in what they are doing and why they are doing it, and question everything in a positive way. These people inspire me and the others around them.

I care what happens to all my colleagues. I want them to be happy in their jobs, I want them to fulfill their potential to the utmost and I want them to be empowered in their positions and their responsibilities.

I hope that when I leave my job at the end of next week, I won’t stop caring…. I will continue to observe closely from afar!


One thought on ““We all have our struggles….”

  1. Awww, you are bringing tears to my eyes … it seems our department goes through more than its fair share of personal struggles and tragedies over the years. I think it is us that should be thanking you Michael as personally I find it is you planting the seeds of inspiration. You will be greatly missed but we hope you can see those seeds grow through your website and if there is ever a Micro conference/seminar/interest group in Paris then you can put my name down for a starter …. do you think Pathlab would pay my airfare???

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