“You are never too old…”

Well maybe not never. I may be too old to be a professional footballer or an Olympic runner, but then I was never going to be these things anyway.

As I enter the frst day of my “Forties”, not only do I think “Where has the time gone?”, but I am also quietly resolving to myself never to let age be a barrier for what I do in life..

I have heard far too many people saying they are too old for this or too old for that…very demoralising, particularly when they mean what they say.

You are never,ever too old to change jobs, learn new methods, undertake research, present at conferences, think of new ideas, start new adventures etc etc.

With Total Lab Automation on the horizon, like it or not, clinical microbiology labs are going to change out of all recognition in the next 5-10 years. We simply cannot afford to be too old for this particular impending change…

Enough writing for today. I am off to do what everybody should do on their 40th birthday…, act like a 20 year old!



5 thoughts on ““You are never too old…”

  1. A very Happy 40th Birthday to you Michael. Another decade conquered, another milestone achieved. Hope you celebrated your BIG birthday in style.

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